Narrative Coffee Roasters began with a heart to bring high quality, unique, seasonal coffees to SWFL.  Our roaster, Caleb, had moved to Fort Myers, FL from Canada, and he soon realized the SWFL area was lacking in something he was so used to: specialty coffee.  With his passion for quality coffee since 2009 and the need for his own personal outlet to creatively enjoy coffee at home, he began roasting.  He started roasting at home for enjoyment on a Whirley Pop Popcorn Maker.  Soon after though, his passion for roasting outgrew his Whirley Pop; and near the beginning of 2016, he purchased a small sample roaster.

"Narrative Coffee Roasters began with a heart to bring high quality, unique, seasonal coffees to SWFL."

During this time, he and his wife talked about starting their own coffee business.  Clay (our co-owner, CFO, and handyman) and Caleb had been friends for a little while at this point.  At this time, Clay was already thinking about starting a business, too.  They began to discuss what it would take for their dreams to be put to life.  After a few months of brainstorming during their weekly meetings, they finally decided they should either stop meeting or make the jump to actually do something.  And so Narrative began. 


It is our hope and desire here at Narrative to build a more fluid link between the farmer and the consumer as well as to cultivate the creative communities of SWFL and beyond.  We believe this can be done through telling the story of coffee.


People First

From the farmer to our customers, we continually strive to put people above a product.  We ensure that our farmers get compensated well in order to develop a sustainable relationship for years to come.

High Quality

We are committed to sourcing some of the best beans from across the globe and bringing them back home to you.  We choose our single origin coffees from the finest farms around the world and then roast them to their utmost potential for you to enjoy.

Seasonal Coffee

Coffee is the byproduct of a fruit; and like all fruit, coffee is seasonal.  Due to this, we source not only the best coffees from around the world, but also the freshest.  Our offerings change with the harvest schedule in order to bring you the freshest coffee possible.

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